Before we get started, let's make sure we have everything we need. Here is the checklist of what we'll need to complete this installation.

Sonarcloud hardware prerequisites

  1. The Sonarcloud device
  2. The USB modem attachment
  3. The power cable for the Sonarcloud deviceĀ 
  4. An Ethernet cable (long each to reach the nearest available open port that provides network connectivity)

Installation site prerequisites

  1. Locate the phone where the announcements are currently being made
  2. Follow the phone cord attached in the back of the announcement phone to the jack it is plugged into
  3. Find the nearest AC power jack that will power the Sonarcloud device
  4. Find the nearest network port to plug in the Ethernet cable to provide the Sonarcloud device with InternetĀ 

Getting started

Now that we have all of that settled. Let's get started.

First, let's plug our Sonarcloud device into the nearest outlet.

Make sure the other side of the plug is firmly in the Sonarcloud device.

Next let's make sure the USB modem is plugged into the Sonarcloud device. This device will be connected to the announcement phone later on.

Now let's make sure we're plugging into the network. First make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged into the Sonarcloud device. Use the cable provided by Sonarcloud or the appropriate length cable you might have on hand. Note that the cable will need to be long enough to connect to a live network jack at your location.

Now trace the other end of the Ethernet cable and plug it into a live network jack. This can either be a network switch with a free port or a wall jack that is provisioned for data.

Let's confirm at this point that we have all of the lights we need. You will see the following lights activated:

The power light

The modem light

The network lights

Please confirm that all lights are lit. If the device is powered on properly, the modem and the power light will be lit. When the device is plugged into a live network jack the network light will show orange and the opposite light will occasionally blink green. Please debug as necessary based on which lights are not lit.

We're getting closer! Now we're able to install on the phone.

Lift up your announcement phone and find the phone cord plugged in.

Trace that phone cord to the jack it is plugged into on the other end.

Remove the phone cable from the back of the announcement phone and plug into the USB modem. Now, take another phone cable (usually provided) and plug it in from the USB modem to the and plug it in the announcement phone (to replace the cable we just removed).

The USB modem should look like this:

Pick up the announcement phone and confirm that it still works and is able to make announcements. If it does, congratulations, you are now ready to start testing your Sonarcloud device!


Announcement Phone does not work with this configuration

The announcement phones can be quite temperamental. It is possible that the configuration outlined in this document disabled the announcement phone. Or, there is a display device that no longer works in this configuration. This can be easily fixed by trying a different combination of wires. One of the following configurations will work:

  1. Use a Y-splitter (RJ11 Y-splitter) and plug directly in to the jack the announcement phone is plugged into. Then plug one end into the announcement phone and the other into the Sonarcloud USB Modem.
  2. In the case of a display device, plug the phone cable coming from the jack into the announcement display (which is usually the case) and then the announcement display into the Sonarcloud USB modem, and then the USB modem into the announcement phone.
  3. Plug the phone cable from the jack into the data port of the announcement phone and then from the other jack on the phone into the Sonarcloud USB modem.

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