Have you tried restarting your Sonarcloud device?

The first rule of all electronic appliances. If there's an issue, give it a restart! Although it won't always work for your computer, it might be the issue here. Find your Sonarcloud device, and unplug the power and plug it back in. After about a minute, try your announcement again.

Is your Internet down?

Sonarcloud is an Internet enabled device. If your Internet is down, Sonarcloud won't be able to connect as well. Unfortunately, new announcements from computers and smart phones won't be able to go through. However, your scheduled announcements and bells should be able to play as scheduled.

Be rest assured, when your Internet comes back up so will Sonarcloud.

Has your Sonarcloud device been unplugged?

The Sonarcloud device needs to be plugged into power, Internet (via Ethernet), and your PA system. If any of those three requirements aren't met, Sonarcloud won't be able to make announcements to your PA system. Please make sure all of those cables are plugged in firmly to your Sonarcloud device. There will be lights on your Sonarcloud device was it is powered on.

Does your PA system work?

In order for Sonarcloud to make announcements over your PA system, your PA system needs to be in working order. Try the old way of making announcements. If you have a PA phone, pick it up and see if you can make an announcement. If you used to use a mic and it's not plugged in, swap the Sonarcloud mic plug out real quick and plug in your old microphone.

If you do not hear your announcements via the old way, Sonarcloud won't be able to work either. We'll need to get that PA system settled before you can continue enjoying announcements from anywhere.

Is the volume too low on Sonarcloud?

Your Sonarcloud system has a master volume control. Sometimes that accidentally gets turned down.  No big deal! It's easier to turn it back up!

Still having trouble?

Announcements through Sonarcloud still not working? No problem! Give us a shout out and we can help you out. 

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