Making an announcement is very simple with the phone. Follow the simple steps below.

  1. Remove the phone handset from the resting cradle OR activate the speaker phone feature. Confirm that you hear a dial tone.
  2. Dial #0 plus your zone number (for example #00 for All Zones or All Call). See below for more information on zones.
  3.  Speak your announcement. As you speak your announcement your voice will not be heard over the PA System, but your voice will be recorded.
  4. When you are finished making your announcement, hang up to immediately play the recorded announcement over the PA System.
  5. If, when you are finished with your announcement, you want to listen to it again, or discard it you may press # to listen to the menu.
  6. Note: The menu will read out the options (press 1 to listen, press 2 to send immediately, press 3 to discard), but at any time either during making the announcement, listening to the announcement, or listening to the menu you may press any of the numbers listed to immediately perform that action. For example, while you are in the middle of making your announcement and you do not like the announcement, pressing 3 will immediately discard the announcement and disconnect the call.

A Note On Zones

In most cases, schools are installed by Sonarcloud with only one zone the All Call zone. In this case, pressing #00 (or #0 followed by any zone number 0-9) will trigger an All Call. In the case Sonarcloud has installed particular zones into the school, refer to the zone numbers given to you during installation.

If you are unsure what to press, please us at Sonarcloud and we would be happy to help!

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