When you initially start-up the Soundcloud Announcer application, you will need to select your PA systems to announce to. Your organization may have one or more PA systems to send announcements to. If your organization only has one PA system listed don’t panic! This is normal for most organizations and just means you’ll have less clicking work to do to get started.

In the PA Systems screen, as we see above, we see a list of all PA systems that we have access to announce to and their status. When a PA system is available to make announcements to, it will show as “Up” in the status column. This means your target PA system is online and functioning normally.

Note: If your PA system is not listed as “Up” please find your Sonarcloud device by your PA system and unplug it from the outlet, and after waiting a few seconds plug it back in. If your PA system does not change status to “Up,” please contact us for further troubleshooting.

On this screen, make sure the PA system(s) you want to announce to are checked. This can simply be done by using your mouse to click in the check box to the left of the PA system name.

Note: The application will remember your PA system selection always. If you close and re-open the app it will keep your selected PA systems.

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