Click on the “TTS” tab at the top of the Sonarcloud Announcer window. This will place you onto the Text-To-Speech screen.

Here, the text you type into the bottom textbox will be synthesized into voice and played over your selected PA system(s).

To get started type the desired text into the box under “Text to make into speech.” Once you have your text typed in, you may also choose a foreign language to have it translated to and synthesized also in that language. By selecting a language from the drop-down under “Translate into language,” the additional language you select will be played over your PA system(s). If no foreign language translation is necessary, you may safely leave this selection at “None.”

Once you are ready to send your announcement, click on the “Send to selected PA Systems button.” You will be asked for a brief confirmation. After that, your announcement will be played over the PA System.

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