Making an audio announcement with the Sonarcloud Announcer application is very simple. It just requires holding down a hotkey on the keyboard and can be done even when not using the Sonarcloud Announcer application as long as it is running.

Note: By default, the audio announcement hotkey is F11.

To initiate an announcement, hold down your hotkey. You will see the following window appear on your screen.

When you see this window pop up, start talking and keep holding down your hotkey. If you make a mistake, while holding down your hotkey still, use your mouse and click the “Cancel recording” button. If you cancel the recording, you may also release your hotkey and your announcement will not be played over your selected PA system(s).

Now, while you are still holding your hotkey and making your audio announcement, and you are complete, simple release your hotkey. The announcement will be played over your selected PA system(s) momentarily.

Changing Your Audio Announcement Hotkey

If you would like to change your audio announcement hotkey at any point, bring the Sonarcloud Announcer application up onto your screen. Now click on the PTT (Push-To-Talk) tab to view the PTT settings.

Now click on the textbox under “Push-To-Talk Hotkey.” Here, any key combination you enter will be written out in this box. You can enter any combination of Ctrl, Alt, and Shift plus another key. This can always be changed at a later time.

Once your hotkey is set, you can now use that key to make the audio announcements.

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